Friday, June 9th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Free tool Grassify adds grass to Blender models

3D artist Nino (aka defoq) has released Grassify, a Blender set-up that generates fast-rendering procedural grass over 3D models, for use in animations, motion graphics, game art or visual effects.

The Geometry Nodes set-up is available for free as part of the Baked Blender Pro Suite asset library, or can be bought separately on Gumroad to support development.

Add fast-rendering procedural grass to 3D models inside Blender
Grassify lets users add grass to 3D models inside Blender, adjusting the results with parameters for the underlying noise pattern, clumping and the length and thickness of individual strands.

It is also possible to control which parts of a surface grass is generated on by weight painting.

The set-up also includes a set of parameters to control wind animation.

The system is optimised for performance rather than absolute visual quality, with the grass “animat[ing] in real-time in Eevee even with very high densities”.

Price and system requirements
Grassify is a .blend file for Blender 3.5. You can buy it from Gumroad for €2.49 to support development.

Grassify is also included in Baked Blender Pro Suite, Nino’s free library of 3D models, materials and his other Geometry Nodes set-ups, including procedural moss generator Mossify.

Buy Blender grass generator Grassify from Nino’s Gumroad store

Get Blender grass generator Grassify for free as part of the Baked Blender Pro Suite