Tuesday, December 26th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mossify adds moss to Blender models

Originally posted on 3 April 2023, and updated with details of the commercial release.

3D artist Nino (aka defoq) has released Mossify, a neat Blender set-up that generates procedural moss over 3D models, for use in illustrations, motion graphics, game art or visual effects.

The Geometry Nodes set-up is intended to generate high enough quality moss to use in close-ups.

The original demo version is free, while the full version, which also generates a range of realistic and fantasy vegetation – and even sea anemones – is a commercial product.

Add high-resolution procedural moss to 3D models inside Blender
Mossify lets users add procedural moss to 3D models inside Blender, controlling the results with a simple set of parameters for the underlying noise pattern, and the size and density of the moss strands and ‘leaves’.

Setting Moss Density to 0 results in a simple moss texture that can be used in long shots.

Nino also has a number of other free Geometry Nodes set-ups available in his Gumroad store, along with commercial tools for generating procedural giftwrap, and even procedural jellyfish.

Updated 26 December 2023: The full version of Mossify is now available.

It comprises over 30 separate Geometry Nodes set-ups for generating a range of realistic and fantasy vegetation, grouped into several separate biomes.

As well as moss, it is capable of generating flowering plants, and even stylized sea creatures resembling corals or sea anemones.

Price and system requirements
Mossify is compatible with Blender 4.0. The full version costs €49.99 (around $55). Individual biomes cost between €7.99 and €14.99.

The original free demo is provided as a .blend file for Blender 3.5+.

Get Blender moss generator Mossify from Nino’s Gumroad store

Download the original free version of Mossify

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