Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download free Blender 3D building generator Buildify

3D artist Pavel Oliva has released Buildify 1.0, a neat free procedural building generator for Blender.

The tool, which is based on Blender’s Geometry Nodes system, generates customisable 3D buildings from libraries of building parts, and can be used with the Blender OpenStreetMap add-on to create entire cities.

Generate custom 3D buildings from kits of modular parts
Buildify generates 3D buildings from kits of modular building parts representing walls and flat roofs.

The .blend file includes a low-poly proxy kit, which users can replace with custom assets of their own: Oliva suggests those from Quixel’s Megascans library, which can be used for free inside Unreal Engine.

Manipulate buildings interactively in the Blender viewport
By default, Buildify works in ADE (Art-Directable Editor) mode, which lets users create buildings individually, controlling their form by adjusting parameters for properties like the number of floors.

It’s also possible to manipulate buildings interactively in the viewport, extruding and scaling them – and even to draw freehand curves representing buildings’ footprints and have Buildify generate geometry to match.

Integrates natively with blender-osm to generate entire 3D cities from OpenStreetMap data
However, what really separates Buildify from other procedural Blender building generators is its other edit mode, BLOSM (Blender-OSM).

Buildify integrates natively with Prochitecture’s blender-osm plugin, which imports OpenStreetMap data into Blender, making it possible to generate 3D buildings matching the road layouts of real cities.

You can read more about how to get the two tools working together on blender-osm’s GitHub repository.

Pricing and availability
Buildify 1.0 is compatible with Blender 3.2. It’s free, but you can make a voluntary donation on Gumroad.

blender-osm is compatible with Blender 3.2. The base version is free; the premium version costs $17.80.

Read more about Buildify in the tool’s online documentation

Download Buildify from Pavel Oliva’s Gumroad store
(Enter a figure of $0 to get it for free, or make a voluntary donation)