Thursday, July 15th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Reallusion launches AI Voice Actors plugin for iClone

Reallusion and Replica Studios have launched AI Voice Actors, a free plugin integrating Replica’s AI-based voice-generation system with Reallusion’s iClone animation software.

The new workflow enables users to generate a synthetic voice performance based on the script of a game or animation, then automatically generate a correponding facial animation inside iClone.

Generated a voice-acted facial animation for a 3D character from nothing more than a script
Replica Studios’ AI Voice Actor system automatically generates synthetic speech – currently English only – matching source text, making it possible to convert a script into a set of matching voice performances.

Users can select from over 40 AI voice actors, and set the mood, pitch and speed for the AI-generated voice.

Once the voice performance has been generated, the new plugin provides one-click export to iClone.

iClone then automatically generates lip sync animation for a 3D character to match the audio, using the new AccuLips system introduced in iClone 7.9 earlier this year.

The software also generates facial expressions for the character based on the mood setting originally chosen, and four strength settings.

Alternatively, users can switch to any of the 36 readymade facial animation loops added in iClone 7.92, which generate neutral expressions, or those corresponding to emotions like anger, disgust or happiness.

The result can then be fine-tuned manually using any of iClone’s standard facial animation tools.

Pricing and system requirements
Replica Studios’ desktop software is available free for Windows 10 and macOS 10.13+. Processing text is then charged per hour of speech generated. Credits cost $24 for four hours of speech, or $300 for 100 hours.

Registered iClone users currently get four hours of free credits on top of Replica Studios’ own 30-minute trial.

The iClone integration plugin is available free for iClone 7.92+. In the online documentation, it’s referred to as either AI Voice Actors or simply as the Replica plugin.

iClone itself is available for Windows 7+ and costs $199, although you need a separate paid-for application, 3DXChange, to export data from iClone to other DCC software.

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