Sunday, January 6th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Reallusion ships iClone 7.4 and launches iClone Open

Reallusion has released iClone 7.4, the latest update to its real-time 3D character animation software, adding a work-in-progress new Python API for automating common tasks or building plugins.

To coincide with the release, the firm has also launched a new developer support program, iClone Open, intended ultimately to evolve into an online marketplace for iClone plugins.

New open Python API will let users create custom animation tools
iClone 7.4 debuts Reallusion’s experimental new Python API, intended to enable users to modify the functionality of the software, or create custom tools for it.

iClone Open identifies three key use cases: enhancing productivity by improving workflow or automating common tasks, creating new animation tools, and enabling new types of hardware to control iClone.

Sample plugins of all three types are available on GitHub, while the online documentation for the API includes a quick-start guide for would-be plugin developers.

The Python API itself is still a work in progress, but supports basic functionality like loading geometry; editing materials, lights and cameras; FK and morph aniamtion; and rendering.

As of the current Beta 0.7 release, IK animation and physics are not fully supported, and nor are Substance materials, SpeedTree vegetation or particle effects.

Reallusion says that it intends to launch an online marketplace for sharing user-created plugins and scripts some time in Q1 2019, with a paid plugin store to follow.

Aside from the Python API, the 7.4 update doesn’t add any new features to iClone, but there are a number of bugfixes, which you can find listed in the announcement thread on the iClone forum.

Pricing and system requirements
iClone 7.4 is available for 64-bit Windows 7+. The update is free to iClone 7.x users; new licences cost $199.

To exchange data between iClone and other DCC applications, including exporting OBJ or FBX files, you also need add-on tool 3DXChange, which costs $199 for the Pro edition and $499 for the Pipeline edition.

Read a full list of new features in iClone 7.4 on Reallusion’s forum

Visit the iClone Open website