Thursday, May 20th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the free Maya 2022 Bonus Tools

Autodesk has updated the Maya Bonus Tools, its free collection of add-on scripts and plugins for Maya to support Maya 2022.

New features in Maya Bonus Tools 2018-2022, the latest version of the toolset, include real-time Boolean tool Speed Cut (shown above) and Extrude Instance Mesh.

New tools for modelling and character rigging work
The Bonus Tools provide Maya users with a set of useful small features, particularly for modelling, UV editing and character rigging, on an ‘as is’ basis, without active product support.

The latest update introduces two new tools: the self-descriptive Extrude Instance Mesh, and – for Windows users, at least – Speed Cut, the real-time Boolean add-on developed VFX artist Joe Wu (im3djoe).

First released in 2019, the add-on enables modellers and concept designers to explore shape assemblies quickly in Maya, with the option to instance or bevel Boolean cuts.

For character riggers, the Weight Editor from the Bonus Tools has also been updated.

System requirements and availability
The Maya Bonus Tools are available free for Maya 2018 and above running on Windows, macOS or Linux. At the time of writing, the Bonus Tools edition of Speed Cut is available for Windows only.

Read a full list of changes in the Maya Bonus Tools
(Includes download link for the tools themselves)

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