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Create a female hairstyle for production with Maya’s XGen

The Gnomon Workshop has released Creating a Female Hairstyle for Production with Maya XGen, a detailed guide to using Maya’s powerful hair and fur toolset recorded by Sony Pictures Imagworks’ Bruno Tornisielo

The tutorial provides an in-depth look at production techniques for creating hair for animation and VFX.

A detailed guide to creating realistic hair using Maya’s XGen toolset and Arnold
Over the course of three hours of video training, Tornisielo shares his process for creating a female hairstyle from scratch with Maya’s XGen toolset and the Arnold renderer.

He begins by demonstrating how to create hair on a sphere to demonstrate XGen’s core principles, exploring how to use all of its tools to create curves and modifiers, and how to use Clump, Cut and Noise modifiers.

Next, Tornisielo explains his workflow for creating a ponytail hairstyle, covering the process of creating all the guides and layers for the hair groom, and discussing the modifiers for each layer.

The tutorial concludes by discussing the light rig and shaders needed to generate a final render in Arnold.

About the artist
Bruno Tornisielo is senior CFX artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks, where he has worked on feature animations including The Emoji Movie, Smallfoot, and the upcoming Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Having studied computer science in his native Brazil, Tornisielo began his career in 3D in 2010, going on to specialise in character modeling for games and hair grooming for feature films.

Pricing and availability
Creating a Female Hairstyle for Production with Maya XGen is available via an online subscription to The Gnomon Workshop. Subscriptions cost $49/month or $490/year, providing access to over 300 tutorials.

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