Friday, May 26th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Faceware Technologies releases Faceware Live 2.5

Faceware Technologies has released Faceware Live 2.5, the latest version of its real-time markerless facial motion capture system, improving tracking, and adding new options to fine-tune and preview animations.

Stream facial motion data from a single camera to drive a CG character in MotionBuilder, Unity or UE4
First announced in 2013, and rolled out publicly the following year, Faceware Live processes footage of an actor’s face in real time, and uses the resulting data to drive a CG character.

Data can be streamed into MotionBuilder or the Unity and Unreal Engine game engines.

New in Faceware Live 2.5: fine-tune animations on a pose-by-pose basis
New features in Faceware Live 2.5 include the option to edit a character set-up on a pose-by-pose basis in order to amplify a specific motion – for example, an eyebrow raise – being streamed from the live data.

The system makes it possible to exaggerate or dampen down the live actor’s performance when it is transferred to the CG character, and to adjust the multiplier values in real time.

New character set-up and preview options
Faceware Live can also now simulate data – the effect of individual controls moving from 0 to 1 – making it possible to set up characters without the need for a live camera feed.

The software also now comes with a range of preview characters built in, enabling users to establish quickly how different types of motions will look on characters with a particular facial structure.

Improved facial tracking in problem conditions
In addition, the stability of facial tracking has been improved, reducing jitter “significantly”, particularly in problem situations, such as extreme lighting conditions, or characters with heavy facial hair or glasses.

The video above gives an example of the kind of output you can expect: if it’s typical, the footage of Faceware Live tracking a character whose face is almost completely sunken in shadow is pretty impressive.

Pricing and availability
Faceware Live 2.5 is available now. The update is free to registered users.

The Faceware Live Server application, which streams the animation data to client applications, runs on 64-bit Windows 7+. New node-locked licences cost $2,495; new server licences cost $3,745.

The Unreal Engine client costs $1,500; the other client applications are free.

Read a full list of new features in Faceware Live 2.5 in the online changelog

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