Saturday, August 15th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Faceware launches Unreal plugin for Faceware Live

Faceware Technologies has launched a new Faceware Live plugin for Unreal Engine 4, enabling users to stream data from the markerless facial motion-capture system into the game engine in real time.

Given a bit of preliminary set-up work, the facial movements of an actor can be captured from a video feed of their face and automatically regargeted to a CG character inside Unreal’s Persona animation system.

The system is also capable of streaming data live to MotionBuilder and Unity.

Co-developed by the creators of Kinect 4 Unreal
The new plugin was co-developed by Opaque Multimedia, also responsible for Kinect 4 Unreal, which handles hand and full-body tracking.

“The [combination] of the real-time performance capture pipeline of Faceware Live and the power and flexibility of Unreal Engine 4 [is] incredibly powerful,” said Opaque’s director of development, Norman Wang.

“Developers will be delighted to see how easily they can access the data from the Faceware plugin through the native Blueprint interface.”

Pricing and availability
Faceware Live 2.0 is available now, including the new Unreal plugin. The system is priced on enquiry, but you can request a 30-day trial from Faceware’s website.

Read more about the new Unreal plugin for Faceware Live on the product website