Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

DGDM ships SLiB VPR 2.0 for Redshift

Originally posted 23 December 2015. Scroll down for news of the commercial 2.0 release.

DGDM has released SLiB VPR for Redshift: a free Maya plugin that extends the functionality of the native Render View when working with the Redshift renderer, streamlining look development and scene debugging.

Select and isolate objects directly in the Render View, or adjust framing and depth of field
The plugin adds a range of new functionality, including the option to select objects directly in the Render View; isolate objects, lights or shader nodes; and override shaders globally.

There are also a few really interesting features, including the option to set the focal point of the image by clicking in the Render View; or to zoom in by dragging a marquee, forcing Maya to restart the render from close up.

It even records and plays back IPR interactive preview animations.

Updated 17 August 2016: DGDM has released SLiB VPR 2.0 for Redshift. The update improves the software’s render zoom functionality – you can see a demo near the start of the video – and adds support for Maya 2016.5.

The software is also now a commercial product, priced at $15. It runs on Maya 2015 to 2016.5, though not Maya 2017, on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and is compatible with Redshift 2.0 and above.

Read more about SLiB VPR 2.0 for Redshift on DGDM’s website