Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

IKinema releases Action for MotionBuilder

IKinema has released Action for MotionBuilder, making the same core technology available in its Maya plugin for streaming and processing motion-capture data available to MotionBuilder users.

The port makes Action the first third-party solver for MotionBuilder.

Solves spines and shoulders more cleanly than MotionBuilder’s native solver
Action provides a real-time solution for retargeting, marker solving and editing mocap data, with IKinema promising cleaner results than MotionBuilder’s own native solver, particularly on problem areas of the body.

“The shoulders, the spines [and] the motion in general [look] more natural – validating the reason to use mocap in the first place,” said Gary Marshall, technical supervisor at Framestore, which beta tested the new release.

Data streamed into Action for MotionBuilder can also be interchanged directly with the Maya edition of the software, or with LiveAction, its virtual production technology, integrated into Unreal Engine 4.

Also out: Action for Maya 4
In addition, IKinema has released Action for Maya 4, the latest version of its Maya plugin. According to the company’s news release, key new features include:

  • New Rig Editor and advanced user interface for games, retargeting and motion capture solving
  • New interface to IKinema LiveAction for Unreal Engine 4
  • Improved speed and optimization for Maya 2016

Pricing and availability
Action for MotionBuilder and Action for Maya 4 are available for version 2014 and above of their host software on Windows only. Linux and Mac OS X installers are in development.

Both node-locked and floating licences of the software cost £890 (around $1,390), including a year’s maintenance. Academic and student licences are also available.

Read more about Action for MotionBuilder and Action 4 for Maya on IKinema’s website