Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

IKinema releases IKinema Action 3 for Maya

IKinema has released IKinema Action 3, an update to its Maya plugin for streaming and processing mocap data that adds new tools for automating common clean-up tasks such as fixing jitter or foot slippage.

The software provides a real-time solution for retargeting, marker solving and editing motion-capture data, and enables users to stream data directly into Maya, rather than going through tools like MotionBuilder.

Automated systems for cleaning mocap data
Action 3’s new Automatic Cleaning Pipeline does pretty much what the name suggests, being intended to fix common data errors – such as interpenetration, foot slippage or noise – semi-automatically.

According to IKinema, features of the update include:

  • Automatic Cleaning Pipeline – ACP – for automatic, real time animation clean-up
  • Automatic sliding compensation
  • Advanced animation filters
  • Penetration compensation tools for correcting interactions with floors and objects
  • Full body rigging tools
  • Solvers from motion capture cloud data
  • Solvers from sparse rigid body data
  • Real time streaming from the latest Vicon, Xsens and OptiTrack technologies
  • Face rigging and solving
  • Solvers for body and hands
  • Shadow posing and advanced rigging tools
  • Automatic self-tuning of solvers
  • Step by step guide and tutorials

Action 3 is available now for Maya 2011 and above running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The upgrade is free to existing users on maintenance contracts, or a new professional licence costs £890.

Read more about Action on the IKinema website