Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Substance tools to get Final Fantasy XV render tech

Square Enix’s E3 2013 teaser for Final Fantasy XV. Allegorithmic has announced that it is to integrate Silicon Studio’s Yebis 2 render technology, used on the trailer, into Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

Originally posted on 15 May. Scroll down for updates.

Allegorithmic has announced that it will integrate Silicon Studio’s Yebis 2 rendering technology into upcoming releases of its Substance Designer and Substance Painter games texturing packages.

Used by Square Enix on its E3 2013 Final Fantasy XV trailer (top of story) and Ubisoft on Xbox One launch title Fighter Within, Yebis 2 puts cinematic optical effects into games.


Before and after: in-viewport screenshots of Substance Designer with and without Yebis 2.

The integration of Yebis 2 into the Substance product family should let artists view assets in the viewport complete with SSAO, anti-aliasing, glare and depth of field, reducing the need for in-engine previews.

If the before and after images provided by Allegorithmic (above) are typical, the difference in viewport quality is pretty striking.

The tools are due first in Substance Designer 4.3 – which, given that Allegorithmic is already up to 4.2, and has been putting out updates every couple of months, shouldn’t be long – then in the beta of Substance Painter.

Updated 22 May: Substance Designer 4.3 is now shipping. The Yebis-powered viewport effects – which include glare, light trails, lens distortion and colour correction/tone mapping – look very nice in the teaser (above).

The update also adds 30 new physically based Substances and 10 HDR environment maps. You can find the full release notes on Allegorithmic’s website.

Read more about Yebis 2 on Silicon Studio’s website