Thursday, July 1st, 2010 Article by Bob Ward

Final Fantasy XIV

This year’s Square Enix booth at E3 had the highly anticipated MMO Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix invites online gamers worldwide to take part in a mysterious age with the impending launch of the epic MMORPG, FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Set in Hydaelyn, adventurers of all creeds will converge in Eorzea, a realm of diverse climates and landscapes, populated by races as varied as its city-states. With a turbulent history filled with war and strife, Eorzea endures as visitors continue to converge on this unforgiving land, following an unheard call, drawn in by its promises of greatness and adventure.

Square definitely dominates with it’s pristine graphics that are always ahead of their time. With it’s release being so close to other MMO titles it will definitely hold it’s own with it’s superior graphics and fresh gaming experience.  So much detail is put into the look of the world that it wouldn’t be hard to loose oneself in it, even light reflecting off of the surface of the ocean changes as the sun moves.

The game is not only beautiful as usual but the demo was also in 3D although Square has yet to decide if the 3D aspect will be available for it’s launch.  Environmental exploration in FFXIV has a great deal of detail put into it, if you can see something in the background you can explore it.  The demo started us off in the port city of Limsa Lominsa, a fisherman’s village. Other players can invite you to join a quest and join a guildleve. Leveling has changed, it’s now skill-based and requires no need to farm. FFXI was drawn upon for the look and feel behind the aesthetic of FFXIV, making it a familiar world for FFXI players wanting to make a switch. However, as long as there are people still playing FFXI Square promises to keep the servers open.

According to creator Hiromichi Tanaka FFXVI is essentially a graphical update of FFXI “It was time for an updated look”. Square Enix plans to a release September 30, 2010 for PC and PS3 will be available early March 2011.

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