Friday, January 24th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Christoph Kubisch releases Alles Im Fluss for 3ds Max


Originally posted on 20 January 2014. Scroll down for updates.

Technical artist Christoph Kubisch has released Alles Im Fluss, a new set of tools designed to improve subdivision surface modelling workflow in 3ds Max, as a free open beta.

Create geometry quickly and intuitively
Alles Im Fluss (‘Everything is in flux’ or ‘Everything flows’) provides tools for painting polygon strips, capping holes, and relaxing geometry, enabling users to create 3D forms intuitively, then refine surface flow.

Brushes are context-sensitive, changing function according to the Sub-Object mode active; have custom size and hardness; and support Wacom pressure sensitivity.

Activating the Refine option does just that, enabling users to control smoothing and interpolation of the geometry created; and there is a handy Replay mode which applies the last operation stored to a new stroke.

The Alles Im Fluss website has a complete list of the functionality available.

Updated 24 January: Alles Im Fluss is available for 3ds Max 2009 and above. You can download and evaluate the software indefinitely, but must buy a licence to use it commercially.

It costs €65 (around $60) per licence, excluding VAT, but is available at a 15% launch discount until 31 January.

Read more about Alles Im Fluss on the product website

Download Alles Im Fluss