Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Thinkinetic releases Pulldownit 3

A destruction shot created by Iván de Frías using Thinkinetic’s 3ds Max and Maya plugin Pulldownit to break up the road surface. Version 3 of the software adds a new preview mode and extra shattering controls.

Thinkinetic has released Pulldownit 3, the latest version of its Voronoi pre-shattering and rigid-body dynamics toolset for 3ds Max and Maya.

According to the developer, new features in the software include:

  • New Preview mode for shattering: Visualize all shatter parameters before breaking the geometry.
  • Conform Voronoi Reshattering: Any shatter pattern can be added to the current set of fragments seamlessly. The number of straight edges in the shatter pattern is also reduced.
  • New Width parameter for Radial Shatter: Adjust the size of radial pattern visually.
  • New Undo Last button: Undo only the last shatter operation.
  • New Crackers Window: New window for controlling the generation of dynamic cracks.
  • New Clusters Panel: User now can set clusters of fragments with different fracture parameters in the same fracture body. Clusters can be edited at any time and are saved with the scene.
  • Bounded Force fields can break fracture bodies: Any bounded field can break fracture bodies accurately.
  • Faster auto body creation: Creating multiple rigid bodies from complex geometry is much faster now.

Thinkinetic also claims that shattering of objects is now 20% faster.

Pricing and availability
Pulldownit 3 is available for 3ds Max 2012 and above and Maya 2012 and above. A node-locked licence costs €395 (around $540), and a floating licence costs €495 ($675).

Read more about Pulldownit 3 on Thinkinetic’s website