Thursday, February 11th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Maya object fracturing script IShatter

Originally posted on 11 February 2016. Scroll down for updates.

Tools developer MOAB has released IShatter, a very neat free script for Maya and commercial destruction plugin Fracture FX that enables the user to paint shatter patterns directly onto 3D models in a scene.

Updated 8 February 2018: Since we originally posted this story, iShatter has become a commercial tool. It now costs €4.99 and can be bought from MOAB’s Gumroad store.

A simple, intuitive way to create custom fracture effects
To create a shatter pattern, you simply click and drag on the surface of the model. The process can be repeated as necessary, and Shift-clicking removes fragments instead of adding them.

The script provides two fracture methods: Uniform, which creates a standard Voronoi shatter pattern, and Radial, which creates a spiderweb effect.

Once fractured, geometry can be shattered using Fracture FX as normal. Users also have the option to remove Fracture FX nodes from an object from within the IShatter interface.

There are also options to highlight fracture border edges or hide surrounding scene objects to make it easier to previsualise complex destruction effects more easily.

Pricing and availability
IShatter now costs €4.99 (around $6). It has been tested with Maya 2014+ and the current release of Fracture FX. MOAB has also now released a 3ds Max version, which is compatible with RayFire, and also costs €4.99.

Read more about IShatter on the tool’s Vimeo page

Buy IShatter from MOAB’s Gumroad store