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See the Creation Real-Time Renderer running in 3ds Max

Thursday, September 12th, 2013 | Posted by Jim Thacker

Originally posted on 16 July 2013. Scroll down for updates.

Fabric Engine has released a new demo video of its Creation Real-Time Renderer running inside 3ds Max.

We covered Creation RTR, which forms part of the developer’s Creation platform for authoring high-performance VFX and pre-viz tools, when it was first announced last year.

The new video is a reminder that Creation is designed to create tools that integrate with any pipeline, not just those based around Maya or Softimage, which featured in the majority of Fabric Engine’s early demos.

It shows RTR running as a viewport renderer inside Max, and achieving real-time playback on a scene with heavy geometry and a lot of lights. Neat.

Updated 12 September: Fabric Engine has posted some interesting new videos. The demo above shows the Creation platform in use to build a custom per-pixel camera projection tool inside 3ds Max.

Other videos show Creation RTR in use as a scene-assembly tool, and to preview offline rendering effects. You can see all of the videos on Fabric Engine’s website.

Read more about Creation RTR on the Fabric Engine website

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