Monday, October 1st, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

See Fabric Engine running inside Maya and Softimage

Fabric Engine has released two new videos showing tools created with Fabric Engine Core, its high-performance tools development framework, running inside Maya and Softimage.

The demos show a deformer and a procedural vegetation generation system, and were both created using CAPI, Fabric Engine’s new API for integrating Fabric Engine Core into C and C++ applications.

CAPI itself will be released with version 1.5 of the Fabric Engine Core beta.

Interesting stuff, and a taste of the kind of new high-performance tools TDs will be able to create with the platform. (Note: be prepared to see a lot of code in the videos.)

See both tools demos on the Fabric Engine website

Read a blog post from Fabric Engine’s Helge Mathee explaining CAPI in more detail