Thursday, November 1st, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Fabric Engine demos real-time production renderer

Fabric Engine has released an interesting teaser video of the real-time production renderer being developed for the next release of Creation Platform, its framework for building high-performance graphics applications.

The Creation RTR (Real Time Renderer) is intended for final-quality rendering, not simply preview work, and is designed for use in visual effects production.

In terms of the trade-off between render quality and real-time performance, Fabric Engine describes it as somewhere “between game engines and DCC [packages like] Maya”.

Fits any pipeline
The developer says that the video is not intended as a conventional feature demo.

Instead, the renderer is being designed as a “collection of components” that form a platform-agnostic open framework that can be tailored to users’ production needs.

No C++ is involved, only Python scripting and KL, Fabric Engine’s high-level procedural language.

For anyone wanting more technical detail, Fabric Engine has released an additional narrated 20-minute video, which is well worth checking out.

Creation RTR will be launching in “about a month”.

Read more about Creation Platform on the Fabric Engine website