Monday, September 2nd, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Chaos Group’s 2013 V-Ray showreels

Chaos Group’s V-Ray 2013 advertising reel. The developer also released three other sector-specific reels for animation, architectural visualisation and automotive work, which you can see at the foot of this story.

V-Ray’s rise to dominance in almost every industry sector has left Chaos Group spoiled for choice when it comes to showreel material. Only Autodesk can match the number of reels it now puts out each year.

Strength in depth

Of the four reels Chaos Group released today, we’ve chosen to focus on the advertising reel (shown above) – but honestly, we could have picked any of them.

The animation reel contains cartoon work of the type you don’t necessarily associate with V-Ray, including some very nice pieces from Platige Image.

Automotive includes a number of far more story-driven visualisations that you might expect.

And the architectural reel is typically gorgeous, featuring some excellent work from the likes of Neoscape, Squint/Opera, Industriromantik and Cadman.

But it’s the breadth of different styles in the ad reel that did it for us, from the opening montage of hard-surface renders, through Assembly‘s photorealistic animals, to some very strange things from Method Studios.

Nice soundtrack, too.

See the other V-Ray 2013 demo reels below




See a complete list of credits for the showreels on the Chaos Group website