Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: Crytek’s tasty new CryEngine tech demo

Crytek has announced an update to CryEngine at Gamescom 2013, summarised in a very nice new tech trailer.

The video kicks off with footage of some of the game engine’s features – including a physically based skin shader, deep facial skinning, and what it describes as ‘procedural GPGPU weather’ – in action.

But equally importantly, it also provides a glimpse of what is happening within the editor, including Source-style cinematic tools, CPU profiling and automatic geometry and texture LOD generation.

New website, no version number
What it doesn’t feature is a version number: Crytek announced that it was bringing together its engine licensing and R&D teams and that as a result, releases “will no longer be identified by version numbers; reflecting the fact that constant updates and upgrades are always being applied to keep CryEngine at the forefront of its field”.

There will also be a “major” update to the free CryEngine SDK later this week, although as yet, no details have been announced. While you’re waiting, you can visit the rather sleek new CryEngine website via the link below.

Read the official CryEngine news announcement

Visit the new CryEngine website