Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Marius Silaghi releases Jiggle for 3ds Max

Prolific 3ds Max tools developer Marius Silaghi has released Jiggle, a self-explanatory new 3ds Max modifier.

As the name suggests, Jiggle simulates fat and skin sliding movements on animated characters without the need for complex muscle systems or skinning techniques. The plugin is multithreaded to support hi-res meshes.

The effect is controlled by painting directly onto the model, offering an intuitive way to set up secondary animation.

Fun, even for non-Max-users
Even if you don’t use 3ds Max, it’s worth scrubbing through to 07.35 on the demo video above in order to see a Jiggle-enabled nose doing its thing. (The thing in question is more commonly associated with elephants’ trunks.)

Silaghi notes that the plugin is also ideal for breasts and buttocks, but thankfully (or not, depending on your point of view), avoids any more NSFW examples.

Jiggle is available now for 3ds Max 9 and above, price €20 (around $25).

Read more about Jiggle on Marius Silaghi’s website