Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Marius Silaghi releases Deformation Cleaner

Ace 3ds Max plugin developer Marius Silaghi has released Deformation Cleaner, an interesting new modifier that smooths arbitrary deformations of a model without losing the original detail.

Clean up muscle or skin simulations in a few clicks
Silaghi pitches Deformation Cleaner as a “fast post-correction” that can be applied on top of any deformation: for example, for automatically cleaning up unwanted mesh distortion caused by muscle or skin systems.

That description sounds very like Rhythm & Hues’ Delta Mush deformer, implemented in its Voodoo application framework, and which got a lot of attention when it was presented at Siggraph earlier this year.

Whether Deformation Cleaner uses any of the same underlying math, it seems to give good results.

The modifier can be applied to selected parts of the model, including by painting vertex weights, and the intensity of the effect controlled with simple Strength and Iteration parameters.

Pricing and availability
Deformation Cleaner works with 3ds Max 9 and above. It costs €40 (around $50).

Read more about Deformation Cleaner on Marius Silaghi’s website