Sunday, May 19th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 3ds Max retopology plugin Wrapit for free

3D artist Matt Clark has made Wrapit, his 3ds Max retopology plugin, available free.

In its 15 years as a commercial tool, the add-on, intended for retopologizing high-resolution sculpts and scan data, was widely used in game development and VFX.

One of the original 3ds Max retopology toolsets, now available free
On its release in 2009, Wrapit became one of the first dedicated tools for retopologizing high-res models, like ZBrush sculpts and 3D scans.

It conforms a low-res mesh to the high-res source, making it possible to create a lightweight version for use in games, animations, or as proxies in a scene.

The low-poly mesh can be adjusted with all of 3ds Max’s standard Editable Poly tools.

Users have included artists at major games and VFX facilities, including id Software, Firaxis Games, MPC and The Mill.

Although the plugin has now been partly superseded by new native tools in 3ds Max, including the Conform modifier, PolyDraw tools, and the Retopology Tools, it still has some useful unique features.

License and system requirements
Wrapit 1.6 is compatible with 3ds Max 2009-2024. It is a free download, available under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Download 3ds Max retopology plugin Wrapit for free

Read more about Wrapit in the online documentation

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Hat tip to CG Press for spotting that Wrapit had been released for free.