Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out Gnomon’s gorgeous 2024 student showreel

Gnomon has released its 2024 showreel, showcasing the latest work created by students at the leading CG school, in fields ranging from VFX and animation to game development.

The video provides a 10-minute round-up of some of the world’s best student art: Gnomon placed in this year’s top 10 at leading international digital art awards The Rookies, and has previously been named the world’s best Creative Media and Entertainment School.

Amazing art from over 150 students at one of the world’s leading CG schools
This year’s reel features the work of over 150 Gnomon students, in fields including visual effects, animation and game development, plus concept art of both characters and CG environments.

As with the school’s regular Best of Term Awards, it also spotlights technical disciplines like 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering, character rigging, animation, and simulation.

The projects on show ranges from individual models to complete visual effects shots and game environments, many with brief breakdowns showing how they were created.

With so much great work to choose from, it seems unfair to single out individual students, so dive into the reel for yourself and pick your own personal favorites.

See more amazing student art work on Gnomon’s Best of Term Awards page

Read more about Gnomon’s training courses on the school’s website

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