Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

JangaFX announces LiquiGen release date

JangaFX has announced a release date for LiquiGen, its much-anticipated real-time fluid simulation software.

The software, which JangaFX says will be “one of the fastest and most intuitive liquid simulation tools ever built”, will be available in closed alpha next month, with an open release later this year.

A recent pre-alpha demo of LiquiGen, posted by JangaFX Principal VFX Artist Jason Key.

A counterpart to EmberGen for simulating liquids rather than smoke and fire
First announced in 2020, LiquiGen is a counterpart to EmberGen, JangaFX’s popular real-time gaseous fluid simulation software, but for liquids rather than fire and smoke.

The news caused a lot of interest on community websites, with users hoping that the software would provide a faster, more interactive alternative to existing tools like RealFlow.

Initially aimed at small-scale simulations
LiquiGen was originally scheduled for release in 2021, so development has gone slower than either JangaFX or potential users hoped, although the firm has posted fairly regular R&D demos.

The software, which is node-based, and features a similar UI to EmberGen, will initially be targeted at “splashes, splatters and small simulations”.

Longer-term goals include support for sparse simulation, which should make it feasible to simulate larger bodies of water, like rivers and oceans.

Due in feature-limited closed alpha next month, with a public alpha later in 2024
The initial alpha of LiquiGen will be available on 12 February 2024 to users of the JangaFX Suite: EmberGen, plus new real-time terrain-generation tool GeoGen, itself also in alpha.

You can find instructions for accessing the initial LiquiGen alpha on JangaFX’s Discord server.

According to JangaFX, the initial alpha will be missing planned features, and “isn’t representative [of] the final quality of LiquiGen”, but will be followed by an open alpha period “later this year”.

Price and system requirements
JangaFX hasn’t announced pricing or system requirements for LiquiGen yet.

The software was initially being developed to run on a GeForce GTX 1080, so it should run on older GPUs. JangaFX’s other software is available via both perpetual licenses and subscriptions.

Read more about LiquiGen on JangaFX’s website

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