Wednesday, January 24th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out Sébastien Garnier’s Sculpt & Fix toolbox for Blender

Character FX artist Sébastien Garnier has released Sculpt & Fix with Geometry Nodes, a Blender ‘toolbox’ intended to help users quickly fix artifacts in character animations.

The add-on, which comprises a set of eight new Geometry Nodes for modifying character meshes, is designed to replicate workflows possible in other DCC tools like Maya.

Eight new Geometry Nodes to quickly fix common artefacts in character animations
Garnier’s resume includes work for well-known French VFX and animation studios, including Mikros Animation and Mac Guff, and he describes Sculpt & Fix with Geometry Nodes as being “inspired by my experience as cloth/FX artist on animated movies”.

It comprises eight Geometry Nodes that deform or smooth the surface of a mesh, controllable with weight maps, and capable of being combined into a single “relatively light” modifier.

They are targeted at providing quick fixes for common artifacts in character animations, like penetration of body parts with cloth or hair, helping users to sculpt corrections manually.

Garnier says that he developed the add-on to bring workflows he had developed using Maya and Softimage into Blender, and some of the nodes mimic features in those apps, including Maya’s Cluster deformer.

Price and system requirements
Sculpt & Fix with Geometry Nodes is compatible with Blender 3.6+. It costs $15.

Read more about Sculpt & Fix with Geometry nodes on the forum

Get Sculpt & Fix with Geometry nodes from Sébastien Garnier’s Gumroad store

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