Friday, October 27th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Check out this procedural bird generator for Blender

Developer Jesse Mietinnen (Blenderesse) has released Bird Generator Setup, a new Blender add-on to generate animated birds for use in the backgrounds of animations or motion graphics.

The tool, which is available free in beta, is based on Blender’s Geometry Nodes system.

Intuitive tool adds flying birds to the background of a Blender animation
Bird Generator Setup is intended as a quick way to add flying birds to a shot, generating 3D birds that move along paths in a scene, flapping or gliding according to the angle of the path.

There are five presets for birds of different sizes, including presets roughly corresponding to an eagle, parrot and pigeon, and the overall proportions can be adjusted with simple sider controls.

There is also an option to toggle between a simplified version of the asset and one showing more detail on the feathers, but the add-on is mainly intended for generating birds for the background of a shot – Mietinnen describes the 3D model in the beta release as having a “really horrible procedural body and feet”, so it isn’t currently designed for close-ups.

The tool is Mietinnen’s latest Geometry Nodes set-up, having previously released inexpensive add-ons for generating ivy, trees, castles and cottages in Blender.

Price and system requirements
Bird Generator Setup is available free in beta. It is compatible with Blender 3.6.

Read more about Bird Generator Setup in Jesse Miettinen’s Gumroad store

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