Monday, March 6th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download over 170 free 3D plants for Blender

Blender add-on developer BD3D – aka architectural visualisation artist Dorian Borremans – has released The Plant Library, a pack of over 170 free 3D plants for use in the open source 3D software.

The plants can be loaded directly in Blender, or scattered in 3D scenes using Geo-Scatter, BD3D’s popular object scattering plugin, or using Biome-Reader, its new free cut-down edition.

Free 3D models of grasses, flowers and bushes for use in Blender or export to other 3D software
The Plant Library includes over 170 plants – grasses, herbaceous plants, ferns and bushes – typical of lawns, grassland and forest floors from temperate climates, plus supporting assets like rocks and twigs.

The assets are provided in .blend format, so they can be loaded directly in Blender – and exported from there to other DCC applications – but are also designed for use with BD3D’s Geo-Scatter plugin.

The Plant Library supports Geo-Scatter’s Biome system, which enables users to scatter plants throughout a scene as sets of species that would naturally grow together, and includes 31 readymade biomes.

BD3D has also just released Biome-Reader, a free cut-down edition of the plugin aimed at beginners, which can also be used to scatter the assets

Price, liencsing and system requirements
The Plant Library is compatible with Blender 3.4. Support for OctaneRender and LuxCoreRender is “coming really soon”. It’s a free download. The assets are licensed for use in commercial projects.

Geo-Scatter is available for Blender 2.80+. An individual licence costs $99; a Studio licence costs $1,299.

Download The Plant Library for free from BD3D’s Blender Market store