Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download handy free Blender scattering plugin G Scatter

Blender vegetation tools developer Graswald has released G Scatter, a handy-looking free scattering plugin based the new Geometry Nodes features introduced in Blender 2.93.

The software, which is still in beta, enables users to paint vegetation like grass into a Blender scene, and comes with its own set of built-in 3D plant models.

Paint 3D plants into your Blender scenes
G Scatter enables users to scatter 3D models across surfaces in Blender. It’s mainly intended for populating 3D scenes with environment objects like plants or rocks, but it could be used to scatter any 3D model.

Users can paint the objects being scattered onto a surface, as shown in the video above, and fine-tune the results using control parameters for properties like density, scale and rotation.

The plugin is built on top of Blender’s new Geometry Nodes system, extended in this month’s Blender 2.93 update, providing a more artist-friendly frontend for the toolset.

Use the built-in 3D plant models, or commercial assets from Graswald or other vendors
G Scatter comes with its own set of plant models, including grasses, herbaceous plants and mosses.

The plugin can also be used with other 3D plants from Graswald’s asset library, 78 of which can be downloaded for free via Gtry, the firm’s feature-limited demo of its commercial Blender tools.

The commercial plugins, Graswald and Graswald Pro, provide more advanced scattering options, plus seasonal and colour variation controls, and, in the case of Graswald Pro, wind physics.

Pricing and system requirements
G Scatter is available free for Blender 2.93+. It is currently in beta.

Graswald costs $49; Graswald Pro costs $99 for a personal licence or $199 for a team licence. The full Graswald 3D plant library can also be bought separately, and costs $79 for individuals, or $179 for teams.

Download G Scatter from the Graswald website