Monday, February 28th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

PhotoInsight asset manager now supports 3D models

Originally posted on 28 February 2022. PhotoInsight 1.6 is now out of beta.

PhotoInsight has released PhotoInsight 1.6, the latest version of its low-cost asset manager, in beta.

The update adds support for 3D assets, with users able to browse and sort models in common 3D file formats, including FBX, OBJ and glTF, with the option to view metadata and preview texture maps.

A $19 asset manager with some interesting data visualisation tools
First released in 2020, PhotoInsight is a low-cost asset manager, intended for use with “hundreds of thousands” of files.

The software, developed by Unity software engineer Julien Ansellem, provides a range of asset viewing modes, the option to search assets via metadata or keyword tags, and batch renaming capabilities.

More unusual features include the option to create a data visualisations from asset metadata, including pie charts, bar charts and maps: for example, to visualise shot locations in a photo library.

On release, PhotoInsight was targeted at photographers: it now supports the RAW formats of the major DSLR manufacturers, plus DNG and RED R3D files, and auto-detects Affinity Photo, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Now supports 3D assets in standard file formats
PhotoInsight 1.6 brings the same asset management capabilities to 3D assets, with users now able to browse, organise and process files in common formats including FBX, OBJ, 3DS, gtTF, DXF, STL and Collada.

Models can be rotated manually in the viewport, or automatically rotated as turntables, with users able to adjust lighting, background and post effects like bloom for both viewport previews and thumbnail images.

It is also possible to view 3D metadata including face and vertex count, the number of materials in a scene, and even diffuse colour. Associated texture maps can be viewed as thumbnail previews.

Drag and drop 3D assets to compatible DCC apps and game engines
Other new features include the option to drag and drop assets to any application that supports it – the demo shows a 3D model being dragged into the Unity Editor – and to filter assets by directory.

There are also a number of workflow and UI improvements, which you can find via the links below.

Pricing and system requirements
PhotoInsight 1.6 is available for 64-bit Windows 7+. The Pro version of the software costs $19.

There is also a free edition of the software, which lacks the metadata editing, batch renaming and data visualisation capabilities of the Pro edition, and doesn’t support RAW, video or 3D files.

Read a full list of new features in PhotoInsight 1.6 in the online release notes

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