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Free 3D viewer Emb3D adds option to display models in AR

Transform and Lighting has added support for augmented reality in Emb3D, its free iOS and Android app for viewing 3D models on mobile devices.

The firm has also introduced a new web version of the app, which enables users to view 3D models inside a standard browser, and new cloud storage and model sharing features.

The advanced cloud features, including the option to convert models between 3D file formats, are only available as part of new commercial subscription plans, but the base app remains free.

View even complex textured models at a smooth 60fps
Originally released in 2016, Emb3D is intended to enable users to view dense 3D models in real time.

According to Transform and Lighting, its Unlimit3D technology makes it possible to display models with tens of millions of triangles without decimation, with the detail being displayed progressively.

Models can be viewed in a range of modes, including fully textured – Emb3D supports ambient, diffuse, specular, and normal maps – solid-shaded, wireframe and point clouds.

The app also comes with a set of built-in materials, including a ZBrush-esque red wax MatCap.

It can display models in a range of common 3D formats for entertainment work and 3D printing, including 3DS, Collada, FBX and OBJ, PLY and STL, plus new real-time 3D format GLTF.

New AR display capabilities, web version of the app, and cloud services
To that, the current version of Emb3D – the functionality as actually added in Emb3D 40 last month – adds the option to display models in augmented reality, using the camera feed of a mobile device.

Transform and Lighting has also introduced a new web app, which enables users to view 3D models in their browser by uploading them to the firm’s cloud storage system.

The cloud services, which are also available via the mobile apps, include the option to share assets with other users for review.

The base functionality is free, but some features, including the option to password-protect assets or to convert files between 3D formats when re-downloading them, are only avaiable with paid subscriptions.

Pricing and system requirements
Emb3D is a free download for Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.3+. It’s compatible with iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch. The new web app can be found at

A free cloud services subscription gives users access to 100MB of cloud storage and restricts uploads to single models of under 50MB in size.

Pro and Premium subscriptions start at €7/month (around $8/month) and €35/month (around $38/month), and provide more storage space, bulk uploads, and advanced features. See a comparison table here.

Read more about Emb3D on the product website

Download Emb3D for iOS from the iTunes Store

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