Thursday, November 18th, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Otoy’s Render Network to get Cinema 4D, Redshift support

Otoy and Maxon have announced that Cinema 4D, Maxon’s 3D animation and motion graphics software, will natively support The Render Network, Otoy’s distributed GPU rendering network.

When it is rolled out next year, the integration will enable Cinema 4D users to launch renders on The Render Network from directly inside the software.

The Render Network will also support Maxon’s Redshift renderer as well as Otoy’s own OctaneRender and Autodesk’s Arnold renderer.

The news was announced during the livestream of Maxon’s latest 3D & Motion Design Show user event, the recording of which is embedded above.

A blockchain-based GPU render network where users earn as well as buy render credits
Originally known as RNDR on its launch last year, The Render Network is an innovative distributed network for GPU rendering built on the Ethereum blockchain.

As well as allowing users to perform GPU renders in the cloud, it enables them to make their own machines available to other users in exchange for render credits.

You can read about how The Render Network works in this story, written when it was still called RNDR.

Now supports Redshift as well as OctaneRender and Arnold
On launch, The Render Network was only available for users of OctaneRender, Otoy’s own GPU renderer, although the firm had also announced support for Autodesk’s Arnold renderer.

Yesterday’s announcement adds Redshift to that list of supported renderers.

Cinema 4D will also become the first DCC application to be able to launch renders directly to the network, rather than users having to export the scene in Otoy’s ORBX file format.

The functionality is due to become available publicly “next year, as early as possible”, although it is worth noting that Otoy tends to be over-optimistic about its release schedules.

Read more about The Render Network on the product website