Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Savage Interactive ships Procreate Pocket 4.0

Savage Interactive has released Procreate Pocket 4.0, a major update to the iPhone edition of its popular mobile sketching and painting app, adding new features from the iPad edition of the software.

Key changes include a dark UI theme, a new brush editor with the option to import Photoshop .abr brushes, and new palette capture, transform, snapping and animation features.

Update brings the iPhone edition of Procreate in line with the iPad version
Although Procreate has been available for iPhones as well as iPads for six years, the feature set of the small-screen edition always lagged behind that of the tablet version.

Procreate Pocket rectifies that, adding many of the key features added to the iPad edition in recent years.

That includes the Metal-native Valkyrie Graphics Engine introduced in Procreate 5 in 2019, along with new brush editor Brush Studio, plus support for brushes in Photoshop’s .abr format.

iPhone users also get Procreate 5’s new Color Harmony system, plus Animation Assist, the iPad edition’s animation and motion graphics toolset.

Features ported from last year’s Procreate 5X include new transform and snapping options, the Reference Companion panel for reference images, and new filters, including Chromatic Aberration and Halftone effects.

The update also adds the iPad edition’s Palette Capture system, which generates colour palettes from images captured on the built-in camera, and support for palettes in Adobe .aco and .ase formats.

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Redesigned user interface with a standard dark UI theme
In addition, Procreate Pocket 4.0 overhauls the app’s interface, porting the dark theme from the iPad edition.

The release also introduces a new card system intended to make features “easier to find and use, while dedicating far more screen real estate to the [image] canvas”.

Pricing and system requirements
Procreate Pocket 4.0 is available for iOS 13.2+. New licences cost $4.99. The update is free to existing users.

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