Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download over 500 free real-time 3D plants and buildings

Epic Games has partnered with games outsourcing studio SilverTM to make a pack of over 500 digital nature assets free to download from the Unreal Engine store.

The City Park Environment Collection comprises 3D models suitable for populating an urban park, including trees, grass, other plants, buildings and paving, each with multiple levels of detail.

The pack is separate to Epic’s usual free marketplace content for the month, and will be free indefinitely.

Over 500 models of trees, plants and buildings suitable for an urban park
The City Park Environment Collection contains “everything you need to create a park environment … of over 200 acres”, comprising 524 models of plants, buildings and paving.

The plants include broadleaved trees from temperate climates, plus grasses and herbaceous plants. Each is provided with two or three automatically generated LODs.

The asset pack also includes 212 material instances, with texture resolutions of up to 4,096 x 4,096px.

SilverTM also has a range of commercial asset packs available for sale on the marketplace. Its work can be seen in games including Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Conan Exiles and Morhau.

System requirements and availability
The City Park Environment Collection is available free via the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.24+.

The marketplace usage rights permit assets not created by Epic Games itself to be exported to other game engines and DCC software, although obviously, some features require UE4 to work.

Download SilverTM’s free City Park Environment Collection from the Unreal Engine marketplace