Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Eisko’s free rigged model of a human head

Originally posted on 24 September 2017. Scroll down for the new rigged version of the asset.

Digital doubles firm Eisko has released a new free model of a female human head based on 3D scan data.

The asset isn’t licensed for commercial use, but it’s highly detailed and comes with PBR textures, so it’s well suited to use in look dev or lighting tests, or for use in demo material.

Supplied in FBX format with four detailed facial expressions and 4K texture maps
The model is available in two variants: one intended for visual effects, and one for real-time work.

In both cases, you get a base head mesh and four high-res scans of the actress’s facial expressions: two neutral poses with her eyes open and closed, and two extremes of movement.

Each is around five million polygons, and follows the same topology as the base mesh. All of the files are provided in FBX format.

The models come with separate 4K texture maps for the skin, eyes, tear line and the inside of the mouth, supplied in EXR format for visual effects and 8-bit PNG format for offline work.

The map types vary between head parts, but they’re geared to a Specular/Glossiness PBR workflow.

Updated 1 November 2017: Eisko has also now released a free rigged version of the head.

The asset, which is presented as a Maya scene file, is based on 154 blendshapes derived from facial scans, and comes with eye, brow, look-at, jaw, lips and tongue controls.

It can export directly to Unity, Unreal Engine and Marmoset’s Toolbag viewer.

Both assets are available via Eisko’s website via the links below. You need to supply your email address to have the download link sent to you.

The assets are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution licence for non-commercial use.

Download the free rigged model of a human head from Eisko’s website
(Link updated 17 December 2018)