Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mainframe North releases Bool for Maya

Motion graphics specialist and tools developer Mainframe North has released Bool, a new live Boolean modelling plugin for Maya.

The plugin enables artists to use Maya’s existing Boolean operations non-destructively, seeing the results update in the viewport in real time.

Use any Maya Boolean operation non-destructively, in real time
Mainframe describes Bool as “effectively a frontend to Maya’s existing Boolean operations. Anything you can do … with Maya Booleans, you can do with Bool”.

Boolean geometry created through Bool remains fully editable, making it possible to adjust parameters or even re-order operations, seeing the results update in the viewport in real time.

The plugin accepts any mesh as input, meaning that it can also be used with arrays generated by Mash, Maya’s motion graphics toolset – itself originally developed by Mainframe North.

It also comes with a Debug mode, which identifies problems with Boolean operations and can attempt to resolve them automatically, and “fast C++ integration” into production pipelines.

Bool is the second new interactive Boolean plugin for Maya to come out this year, following Swiss developer PUX’s update to Hard Mesh, its own real-time modelling tool, earlier this year.

Pricing and availability
Bool is available for Maya 2018 only, running on Windows, Linux and macOS. It costs £20 (around $25).

Read more about Bool on Mainframe North’s website