Monday, October 22nd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Mash: 12 free motion graphics nodes for Maya

Scale Along Curve: just one of the many standard motion graphics behaviours that can be created using Mash.

Motion graphics house Mainframe North has released Mash, a suite of Maya nodes for motion designers.

The collection of 12 nodes provides a set of readymade tools for creating common motion-graphics effects: from orienting a cloud of objects towards a common goal to more complex distribution functions.

The nodes supply some of the features you might expect in specialist tools such as Cinema 4D’s MoGraph.

A pleasure to use
Mash is beautifully presented: each node comes with its own webpage, including a brief description of the key parameters and a demo video, and there are examples showing what happens if you combine two or more.

But best of all, Mash is free. The download has only been officially tested on Maya 2013, but Mainframe says it should work on any version of Maya from 2010 onwards, on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Note that you’ll need the free SOuP Maya nodes to use some of Mash’s functionality.

Visit the Mash homepage (includes download links)

See demo videos on Mainframe North’s Vimeo channel