Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

PUX releases Hard Mesh 2

Swiss multimedia firm and tools developer PUX has released Hard Mesh 2, the latest version of its real-time hard-surface modelling tookit for Maya.

The plugin lets users create complex Boolean geometry, then work interactively on the combined model.

Create interactive real-time Boolean geometry in Maya
First released last year, Hard Mesh provides Maya users with a set of tools along the lines of those of Modo’s MeshFusion, the Boolean modelling add-on integrated into the core software in version 901.

The video above gives a good idea of the workflows Hard Mesh 2 makes possible: once a Boolean operation has been performed, users can continue to work interactively, seeing the geometry update in real time.

As well as moving or scaling the source meshes being combined to create the new surface, you can adjust the properties of the Boolean operation itself, like the offset; and even animate the results.

The product website has a range of models created using the plugin – ranging from a very MeshFusion-like bike helmet to robots, cars and cognac bottles – along with demo videos showing how they are created.

Pricing and availability
Hard Mesh 2 is available for Maya 2015 and above running on Windows only. Support for Mac OS X and Linux is planned. The software costs €100 (around $108) without support or €300 ($323) with online support.

Read more about Hard Mesh 2 on PUX’s product website