Monday, March 25th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Erik Lehmann releases Mesh Toolkit for Maya

Originally posted on 25 March 2019. Scroll down for news of successor tool Build Kit 1.0.

VFX TD Erik Lehmann has released Mesh Toolkit, a new Python script for enhancing or automating common mesh operations in Maya.

The script also adds a set of new layout tools, including the option to place meshes onto the surface of another mesh by clicking directly in the viewport.

Streamline common object manipulation and layout operations
Mesh Toolkit extends Maya’s common mesh operations, including Combine, Separate, Extract and Duplicate, generating a clean construction history and improving object naming in the Outliner.

It also adds features for layout work, including object Duplicator and Distribute commands, plus the option to place source meshes onto the surface of a target mesh directly beneath the mouse cursor.

OBJ files can be imported or exported as as a single combined mesh, separated meshes or as blendshapes.

The script is the latest in a series of tools created by Lehmann to streamline workflow in Maya, including sister scripts Curve Toolkit, UV Toolkit, Shader Toolkit, Selection Kit and Renamer.

Pricing and system requirements
Mesh Toolkit 1.0 is available for Maya 2017 and Maya 2018 on Windows, Linux and macOS. It costs $7.99.

Read more about Mesh Toolkit in the script’s online documentation

Buy Mesh Toolkit via Erik Lehmann’s Gumroad store

Updated 26 October 2020: Erik Lehman has now released Build Kit, a new $20 product that combines Mesh Kit and the separate Selection Toolkit.

Although both of the original toolkits remain available, Build Kit has been rewritten “from the ground up” and features a “reimagined interface” and new mesh, selection, layout and import/export features.

Read a full list of features in Build Kit 1.0 in the online documentation