Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

A&G Tool Company releases MassFX Toolkit


Plugin and lighting rig developer A&G Tool Company has released MassFX Toolkit, a new plugin designed to automate the process of working with 3ds Max’s MassFX physics, and make simulations more art directable.

Simulations in a couple of clicks
The plugin speeds up common tasks like assigning forces to objects, making them static, dynamic or kinematic, or changing gravity: just drag or marquee-select the objects and click a button, essentially.

There are also options for setting up bullet time effects or quickly assigning time offsets to simulations; for simulating ropes; creating breakable joints; and a bunch of baking options, solver presets and selection filters.

This being a physics tool, the demo video above is a lot of fun to watch, too, even if you don’t use Max, and there are a whole set of more detailed demos and tutorials on the developers’ Vimeo channel.

Pricing and availability
MassFX Toolkit is available now, price $69.95 for a single, machine-locked licence. Render licences are free. You’ll need 3ds Max 2014 with all the service packs and updates applied to make use of it.

Read more about MassFX Toolkit on A&G Tool Company’s website