Monday, January 27th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Foundry releases MeshFusion for Modo

The Foundry has released MeshFusion, the much-anticipated Boolean modelling plugin for Modo developed by GroBoto creators Braid Art Labs, and based on previous GroBoto technology.

Speed up modelling by ‘smashing things together’
MeshFusion is intended to provide an intuitive way to create new models by combining existing ones, enabling users to blend, add and subtract objects interactively to create a single unified mesh.

The resulting object may be viewed as a 3D tree, as a schematic or via the Fusion Strip view, and remains procedurally editable.

MeshFusion workflow can be combined with deformers, as well as other Modo modeling tools.

Although Boolean tools have been standard in 3D software for many years, The Foundry believes the new plugin solves many of the problems with stability and calculation time that traditionally plague Boolean workflows.

As the developer puts it: “The toolset makes the process of making a model a playful rather than technical activity. Since the advent of 3D people have wanted the ability to smash models together, finesse the finer artistic details and … have the shape they want in minutes.”

Pricing and availability
MeshFusion is available for Modo 701 SP4 on Windows and Mac OS X – there’s no word of a Linux edition so far. It’s priced at $395, but is currently available at a $100 launch discount.

Read more about MeshFusion on The Foundry website

Watch MeshFusion video tutorials on The Foundry’s Vimeo channel

Listen to The Foundry’s Brad Peebler and Braid Art Labs’ Darrel Anderson discuss MeshFusion
(Addresses the negative perception Boolean modelling has within the 3D industry, and makes an interesting analogy between MeshFusion workflow and vector workflow in 2D illustration)