Thursday, July 6th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

VDB Splicer lets you use Booleans with volumetrics

Tools developer Deep FX has released VDB Splicer, an interesting new LightWave plugin that enables users to perform Boolean operations on volumetrics.

Perform Boolean operations on volumetrics and remesh the results
VDB Splicer lets users perform standard Boolean modeling operations like Union, Difference and Intersection on volumetric objects within LightWave’s Layout, and remesh the results.

The software is built on top of the OpenVDB library, supported in a wide range of other DCC tools – including the increasingly long-awaited next version of LightWave itself.

As well as being a way to create unusual effects – we can imagine cutting text out of a simulated cloud for a title sequence, for example – the tool has more down-to-earth uses.

Use cases suggested by Deep FX include remeshing scanned objects to uniform quads or triangles, and creating LoD objects for export to game engines, or for use as proxies in animations or simulations.

The software is Deep FX’s second commercial app, following the release earlier this year of Deep Rising FX, its particle-based fluid simulator for LightWave.

Pricing and availability
VDB Splicer is available for 64-bit Lightwave 11.6.3 and above. It costs $25.99, and there is a free trial edition limited to 2,000 polygons.

Read more about VDB Splicer on Deep FX’s website