Friday, September 30th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download 24 free ZBrush brushes for sculpting monsters


Environment artist Michael Dunnam has released a set of 15 free ZBrush IMM brushes designed for adding spikes and fins to creature sculpts.

The new brushes complement Dunnam’s existing free Monster Mash Starter Kit, which comprises 9 further free IMM brushes for sculpting monster body parts.

Tools for kitbashing creature designs to customise manually
Dunnam describes the Monster Mash brushes as kitbashing tools for quickly roughing out creature designs on top of which to sculpt.

“The topology is very clean, and they DynaMesh and ZRemesh very well,” he says.

15 brushes for spikes and fins, plus 9 for other body parts
The new Monster Mash Spikes and Fins set comprises 13 IMM brushes for creating spikes, one for creating fins, and an IMM spike set with 22 individual parts.

The existing Monster Mash Starter Kit comprises 94 monster parts, including heads, bodies, limbs, ears and horns, divided between nine separate IMM brushes.

All of the files are provided in ZBrush’s native ZBP format.

More commercial brushes, plus discounts on current and future products
Dunnam’s Gumroad store also includes four further commercial collections of Monster Mash IMM brushes, for adding teeth, tails and tentacles, wings, and skin, each priced at $5.

Anyone downloading the Spikes and Fins pack also gets a coupon for 25% off the cost of a lifetime store membership – itself already discounted by 50% for the duration of Dunnam’s current sculpting contest.

Together, the two offers reduce the cost of membership to $36, providing access to over 400 existing brushes and textures for ZBrush, 3D-Coat and Substance, plus all of Dunnam’s future commercial releases.

Download the free Monster Mash Spikes and Fins set of ZBrush IMM brushes

Download the free Monster Mash Starter Kit of ZBrush IMM brushes

View commercial brush sets or take out lifetime membership in Dunnam’s Gumroad store