Thursday, April 28th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Foundry ships Modo Indie 10.0

The Foundry has released Modo Indie 10.0, the export-limited edition of Modo intended for indie game artists. The update is free to anyone with a perpetual licence of Modo Indie 901, the previous release of the software.

New look dev, export and baking functionality for game artists
The Indie edition of the software includes the same new functionality as the full version, much of which is targeted at games and VR work.

Highlights include new WYSIWYG look development workflows when authoring content for Unity 5 and UE4; more streamlined game engine export, including support for FBX 2014; and a new Game Tools UI layout.

The update also enhances Modo’s texture-baking functionality, shown in the video above. We wrote about the new features in our original story on Modo 10.0v1, so check that out for full details.

Export formats and resolution limited, no support for third-party plugins or scripts
The restrictions of the Indie edition remain unchanged in the new release: export is limited to OBJ and FBX files, with geometry capped at 100,000 polys, and bake and render resolution capped at 4K.

The Indie edition does not support third-party plugins or scripts, and the Python editor is unvailable, along with most command-line options.

Pricing and availability
Modo Indie 10.0 is available now via Steam for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.9+. A new perpetual licence costs $299.99; rental options start at $14.99/month, paid monthly.

The update is free to owners of perpetual licences of Modo Indie 901 and users with current subscriptions.

Read more about Modo Indie 10.0 on Steam