Friday, October 16th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: Lumion 6

Act-3D has posted a sneak peek at Lumion 6, the next update to its real-time visualisation software.

It’s very much a teaser rather than a trailer, since while it shows footage rendered with Lumion 6, it doesn’t discuss any of the new features: something that has caused a certain amount of disquiet on the Lumion forum.

Still, it’s a bit of eye candy, and the feature list itself will be revealed on 3 November. We’ll update once it has.

Pricing and availability
If we’ve interpreted the posts on the Lumion forum correctly, Lumion 6 itself is due to ship some time after 3 November, although there’s no indication when that will be.

Anyone buying version 5 now will get a free upgrade. The Pro edition of the software costs €2,999 (around $3,400); the standard edition, which lacks advanced options and some stock content, costs €1,499 ($1,700).

Read more about Lumion on the product website
(No more information on Lumion 6 at the minute)