Thursday, July 9th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the assets from the Unity 5 Blacksmith demo

Unity Technologies has released the assets used to create The Blacksmith (above), the three-minute demo short shown at GDC 2015 to accompany the release of Unity 5.

Created by a core team of three artists, the demo runs at 30fps in 1080p on a Core i7-4770 PC with a GeForce GTX 760 GPU, and shows off Unity 5’s new physically based shading system and lighting effects.

Two character models, two detailed environments, lots of extras
In addition to an executable for the demo, Unity has released its key CG assets as two separate free packaged downloads, one for the characters and one for the environments.

The Characters package includes the Challenger and Blacksmith characters from the short in FBX format, the former reskinned for ease of use, and including two animation cycles.

The package also includes a new hair shader, designed to generate anisotropic highlights; wrinkle maps for the Challenger character; and unique character shadows. All three are also available as individual downloads.

The Environments package includes the smithy and exterior scenes from the demo (again, all the models are provided in FBX format), custom shaders, and PaintJob, a custom tool for painting vegetation.

In addition, there is a custom atmospheric scattering solution, again also available as a separate archive.

Downloading and usage
As far as we can see, the assets are licensed for commercial use although Unity Technologies requests that you consider sharing the results back with the Unity community.

Note that both main packages are very large archives, and also take a while to import into Unity. It’s worth reading the comments on the blog post for troubleshooting advice before you start downloading.

Download The Blacksmith: Characters pack from the Unity Asset Store (Registration required, 1.4GB)

Download The Blacksmith: Environments pack from the Unity Asset Store (Registration required, 4.1GB)

Read Unity Technologies’ blog post about the assets
(More technical details, plus links to the individual downloads)

Read articles about the making of The Blacksmith on the Unity website