Friday, April 10th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download the assets from Epic Games’ UE4 Kite demo

If you follow the CG Channel Facebook feed, you may remember that a couple of weeks back, we posted a link to Epic Games’ charming new Unreal Engine ‘Kite’ demo.

The three-minute short shows a 100-square-mile virtual landscape, generated and lit in real time at 30fps.

And now you can attempt to recreate the scene – with all its 15 million pieces of vegetation – for yourself, since Epic has made the environment assets used in it available to download for free from the UE4 marketplace.

So what do you get in the resource pack?
The archive includes 42 meshes, complete with LODs: 4 trees, 17 foliage meshes, and 21 rocks; 14 tiling ground materials with normal and displacement maps; and 138 texture maps ranging from 2K to 8K resolution.

It doesn’t include the entire landscape (according to comments posted on Epic’s blog, it uses features not supported in the current public build of the engine), but it’s still a mammoth set of resources.

The assets are “licensed for use only with UE4-based products”, but as far as we can tell, that includes commercial work.

Download Epic Games’s free Open World Demo Collection of assets from the UE4 marketplace
(Registration required, 6.4GB archive – read the ‘Technical Details’ information before downloading)

Read a blog post on the photogrammetry process used to create the assets