Friday, July 10th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download PRMan for Blender


Work-in-progress plugin PRMan for Blender lets Blender users render scenes using Pixar’s newly released RenderMan 20, supporting new features like Denoise. Note: image is not the plugin’s official logo.

A group of developers headed by Pixar engineer Brian Savery has released PRMan for Blender, a new plugin for rendering Blender scenes using RenderMan.

The tool, which is still in early alpha, requires RenderMan 20, released earlier this week, and supports its key features, including the new Denoise option. RenderMan is now free for non-commercial use.

The code is forked from Animal Logic FX TD – and former Blender developer – Matt Ebb’s old 3Delight exporter.

There isn’t much documentation yet, and obviously, you should be aware that this is still an alpha release, but the developers are posting regularly in the support thread on the RenderMan forums.

Download the alpha of PRMan for Blender from the plugin’s GitHub repository

Read the support thread for the plugin on the RenderMan forums (Registration required)

Hat tip to BlenderNation for alerting us to this one.